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Rittenhouse Needlepoint carries a wide selection of hand-painted needlepoint canvases from the nation’s top needlepoint canvas designers. To paint needlepoint canvas is a time-consuming task that requires both great skill and abundant patience. We are proud to feature the designers listed below which we feel represent the best artists at work today. Indeed, many of the canvases are so beautiful you may just want to frame them and hang them on your wall just as they are!

Below are listed some of our favorite canvas designers:

Barbara Russell Designs

Located here in Philadelphia, many local needlepointers fondly remember her shop in Chestnut Hill. Now exclusively wholesale, Ms. Russell is renowned for her dog canvases that feature highly realistic depictions of pure bred dogs against striking backgrounds. Less well known is the fact that Ms. Russell has a wide variety of canvases from a children’s line that is more sophisticated than most to floral canvases (she has a line developed in conjunction with the Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve) to locally-themed canvases featuring Boat House Row.

Lee’s Needle Art

Lee’s Needle Art was recently purchased by Colonial Needle. Teresa Lee was another well-known and highly respected figure in the Philadelphia (and national) needlepoint community. Lee canvases were for years both well-painted and reasonably priced making them a favorite with needlepointers everywhere. Many were alarmed when the company announced earlier this year that it was going out of business. Fortunately for all of us that did not happen and the classic designs of Lee’s will continue to be available for many years to come. NOTE: The stock of Lee’s Needle Art canvases is currently low. The line is being built back up but it is not uncommon for Lee items to be on back-order and waits of 4 to 8 weeks have not been uncommon. We expect that this situation will improve in the future.

HP Designs

Frank Hyatt of HP Designs has a magnificent line of lacquer boxes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Matching beautifully with his boxes are his hand-painted canvases which feature Asian and nature themes. HP canvases are striking not only for their compositional excellence but also for their sophisticated color schemes.

Ruth Schmuff

Ruth Schmuff is a canvas designer from Towson, Maryland. She features whimsical canvases that are well-painted and have a modern sensibility.

Elizabeth Turner

The Elizabeth Turner Collection offers a huge line of canvases. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, the company not surprisingly features horse-related canvases. In addition, ETC is known for their shoes, bags, belts and cummerbunds.

Patty Paints

Patty Paints has a great selection of Americana-type canvases. From Colonial era inspired portraits to bucolic country scenes, these canvases are well-painted and reasonably priced. Patty Paints also offers a line of canvases designed as Dr. Scholl sandal toppers.

Needle Crossings

Needle Crossings is another local company, based in charming Cape May, NJ. Needle Crossings features meticulously stitch painted canvases of Philadelphia scenes, beach scenes, lighthouses, Victorian homes and cats.

Julie Pischke

Julie Pischke Designs features tropical and beach-related canvases on a variety of mesh sizes. Ms. Pischke has a unique and whimsical aesthetic that is often manifested in her well-painted canvases.

Susan Roberts

Susan Roberts Designs has an extensive collection of painted canvas designs in just about any category you can imagine: Christmas ornaments, brick covers, Judaica, picture frames, etc. Susan Roberts just recently acquired Tapestry Tent Designs and so now she had added the incredibly artful designs of Elizabeth Goodrick-Dillon to her already extensive collection of Christmas stocking designs.

Silver Needle

Silver Needle of Greenwich, CT has a wonderful line of children’s designs featuring canvases based on the art of Beatrix Potter. They also have many Nantucket/Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard themed pieces as well as a delightful collection of Christmas ornaments featuring cities and countries from around the world. These tasteful and well-executed canvases will enable you to make your favorite travel memories a part of your Christmas.

CBK Needlepoint

CBK Needlepoint is based in Osterville, MA and owns the popular “Edie and Ginger” line. Edie & Ginger owned needlepoint shop outside of Philadelphia. They were the original designers of needlepointed bean bag frogs. They also have timeless designs for pillows, Christmas stockings, rugs and nursery rhymes. In addition to Edie & Ginger, CBK also offers a wide array of belts from Keep Your Pants On and the delightfully fun designs of Pam Braun (Ciao Bella).

JP Needlepoint

Juli Poitras has been designing needlepoint since her mother first taught her to paint. She offers beautifully painted geometric and traditional needlepoint designs.

Kathy Schenkel

Kathy Schenkel is based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and has a wonderful line of mini-Christmas stockings that include matching “critters” (small figures that fit inside the finished stocking and compliment that canvas design). Too cute! Kathy’s designs are very popular not only because they are well done but also because they are small in size which means that they are affordable and they stitch up in a jiffy!

PLD Designs

PLD Designs represents the artist Julie Mar of Asheville, NC. Ms. Mar has an elegant painterly style that is instantly recognizable. The line features vibrant florals, tasteful Christmas-themed canvases as well as the usual array of canvas categories (brick covers, belts, eyeglass cases, scissor cases, picture frames, etc.)

*In stock items ship immediately. Some canvases are not in stock and will ship in 1-6 weeks.