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Rittenhouse Needlepoint sells both the tried-and-true needlepoint fibers (such as Persian wool, pearl cotton, embroidery floss and Silk & Ivory) as well as newer/more adventuresome fibers from Rainbow Gallery (Fuzzy Stuff, Fancy Fur, Flair, Neon Rays, etc.) Our aim is to offer as wide a selection as possible without overwhelming our customers and we have achieved this through extensive research and careful selection.

As a Rittenhouse Needlepoint customer you can experiment with different threads (or not) knowing that we have selected the finest and most useful products available. If we don’t carry a fiber that you swear by – contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Featured Fibers:

Waverly Wool

Waverly Wool is a product of Brown Sheep Company, a well-regarded supplier of knitting yarn. Waverly Wool is Brown Sheep’s three-ply, Persian-type yarn for needlepoint. We prefer it to Paternayan wool as the yarn is less hairy, more consistent in size and resilient (therefore it covers the canvas more effectively – only one ply is needed for 13/14 mesh so one bunch of Waverly will go further!) Available in 482 colors, we can convert most Paternayan color numbers to an equivalent color in Waverly. Intended for use on 16 mesh canvas and below.

Silk & Ivory

Across the country, Silk & Ivory is a favorite with stitchers everywhere. Available in 216 colors, the color palette is superb with colors available in Silk & Ivory that simply do not exist in other brands. Also, it is a dream to stitch. So soft and smooth it fairly glides through the canvas. NOTE: Silk & Ivory does, like all Merino wool products, go through a stage of hazing and pilling. A sweater shaver and some patience will take care of this problem. Intended for use on 13/14 mesh canvas.


Like Silk & Ivory, Impressions is a 50% silk/50% wool blend. It is a thin, tightly twisted thread that ought to be used with painted or colored canvas as it covers 18 mesh canvas thinly. The color selection however is impressive and quality is consistently high. Intended for use on 18 mesh canvas or higher.

Kreinik Braid

Kreinik Braid is an extremely popular thread at our shop. It is probably the simplest and most effective way to jazz up a piece of needlework. Available in a range of sizes and colors, a place for Kreinik Braid can be found on nearly every needlepoint canvas. NOTE: Kreinik Braid can be tough to pull through the canvas. Use of Kreinik Braid over a wide expanse of canvas is not recommended. Size #4 is intended for cross stitch; Size #8 is intended for light coverage on 18 mesh canvas or for use with another fiber; Size #12 is intended for use with 18 mesh canvas; Size #16 is intended for use with 13/14 mesh canvas; Size #32 is intended for use with #10 mesh and for couching.

DMC Embroidery Floss

The original needlepoint fiber – tried and true! There is a reason why this fiber is so popular; it comes in a wide array of colors, is widely available, affordable and nearly always appropriate. If stitchers take the time to ply the thread the results look nearly as good as silk and at a fraction of the cost. Intended for use with all mesh sizes: 4 ply for 18 mesh, 6 ply for 13/14 mesh, 8-10 ply for 10 mesh.

DMC Pearl Cotton

DMC Pearl Cotton is available in size 3 and size 5. It is affordable, widely available and comes in a wide range of colors. It is also a single stranded thread so no plying is necessary and it has a slight sheen which adds to its durability and attractiveness. Size 3 is intended for use with 13/14 mesh canvas; Size 5 is intended for use with 18 mesh canvas.

Planet Earth

A new product from Tilli Thomas of Boston, MA, Planet Earth features a still expanding range of colors (currently 152) is a single strand 100% silk yarn that has a terrific softness and luscious sheen. Planet Earth has the further advantage of not pilling. Intended for use with 13/14 mesh canvas.

Vineyard Silk

Vineyard Silk is our choice for a single stranded 100% silk for use on 18 mesh canvas. Available in 198 colors, Vineyard Silk Classic has a beautiful soft sheen and is consistently of the highest quality. The manufacturer, Wiltex Threads, also has a line of tonal-dyed yarn called Vineyard Silk Tone-on-Tone (18 colors) and a silk and metallic blend called Shimmer (46 colors). Intended use for use with 18 mesh canvas.


Threadworx is our choice for hand overdyed cotton floss. This is a premium quality, six-strand embroidery floss made from the finest long-staple, 100% Egyptian Giza cotton (196 colors). The company also offers Pearl Cotton #3 in 22 brilliant hand overdyed colors made from the finest double-combed & mercerized 100% long-staple Egyptian Giza cotton. The Pearl Cotton #5 comes in 99 colors. The floss may be used with all sizes of canvas mesh; Pearl Cotton #3 is intended for use with 13/14 mesh; Pearl Cotton #5 is intended for use with 18 mesh canvas.

*In stock items ship immediately. Some canvases are not in stock and will ship in 1-6 weeks.