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Stitch Guide

The production of stitch guides is, as co-owner of Rittenhouse Needlepoint Stephen Janick said in his blog, the most fun one can have in a needlepoint shop with your clothes on (oh no — did he really say that? How tacky!) In order to create an optimal stitch guide, the stitch guide writer must speak with the stitcher/client to find out their level of experience/comfort. This can take place via phone, e-mail or in person at the shop.

All stitch guides include not just the names of suggested stitches but also diagrams for how a stitch is to be done and suggested thread to use.

The matching of stitches to canvas to threads in such a way as to enhance the effectiveness of the work is truly an art but it can be overwhelming and intimidating at first. Let us guide you through your first “different stitches” project and before you know it, you will be picking out thread and stitches for your own projects with confidence and having the time of your life doing it!

The cost for stitch guides varies. An estimate can be provided after an initial consultation. A 50% deposit is required. Delivery is normally within 2 to 4 weeks.

*In stock items ship immediately. Some canvases are not in stock and will ship in 1-6 weeks.